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The World's First AutoCoach
at Godsolve Accommodation

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Richard has developed the World’s First Auto Coach 24/7 that works on android cell phones – His Direct Coaching Fee is R200,000 p.a. , but is FREE only for his Residing Tenants !

A lifecoach durban 20180410

The App Built for Mankind
The World's First AutoCoach
( Richard took 6 years to build )

Click below image for Auto Coach Action !

World's First AutoCoach upgraded
in Action ! !

Click below image for Upgraded Action !

Yes, it took 6 years to build !

We Set Captives Free!

Oprah Winfrey tony robbins app GodSolve Accommodation Richard Daguiar

2018 testimonials of the Auto coach 24/7 , Study and Success training

World's First AutoCoach upgraded
in Action ! !

(Richard & Ingrid)
is a Once in
a Lifetime Opportunity !

Angelsolve Auto Coach Bonus build by Durban Life coach Richard Daguiar 2
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